Governance, Risk and Compliance Services


Waiting until after a security breach to review your governance framework, is waiting a moment too long. You don’t want to be answering the difficult questions about how it happened.

Spire Solutions offers a consultancy-led approach to governance enabling you to conform to your contractual obligations, governance frameworks, and internal policies. If you already have a governance framework in place, we can help you to review and revise it where necessary. If not, we can help define and design the level of governance you require and then help you to start implementing the most relevant solutions for your organization.



Risk management is not a luxury. You need a repeatable, testable and manageable risk policy that complements your business as an asset. We can help you with GRC assessments, internal control assessments, PCI assessments, independent validation and auditing. We will help you see how close you are to PCI, SOX or HIPAA compliance, for example. We’ll show you if you’re ready for SAS 70. And we can show you how to strengthen your existing risk controls to minimize the chance of security breaches, financial losses and the possibility of compliance penalties.

Of course, all of your existing and planned controls will be taken into consideration: we do not seek to burn down and rebuild your existing work. Rather, we view risk management as an on-going project to be continuously assessed and managed.



You don’t need us to tell you that compliance is an implementation and management minefield. The specifications of the standards keep changing. Some, such as SOX, don’t even tell you exactly what you have to do to be compliant. Others, such as PCI, are so specific that it seems like a full-time job just to manage the standard.

At Spire Solutions, we aim to develop a compliance program that works with your business efficiently and smoothly. We automate controls and audit processes. Through compliance, we can help you actually lower your costs through more efficient IT use – and internal and external human resources.


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