Security Orchestration & Automation

Automated Threat Response Platform

Security Orchestrator (SO), is an Automated Threat Response platform that integrates your enterprise security management into a single console, giving you the ability to unify your defenses, orchestrate your response, and automate your counterattacks.

Using the tools and technology you already own, and the procedures and policy you’ve already created, Security Orchestrator brings all of it together, improving your SOC’s incident reaction time, and helping you take back the initiative.

Unify, Orchestrate, Automate

Think back to all of the steps your SOC teams went through just to respond to an attack. What if you could automate it? Better yet, what if you could make that automation play seamlessly with your organization’s change management process? What if you could tie all of your endpoint defenses, your SIEM, and your incident management tools into it as well?

Look at that same day in your SOC when they’ve got Security Orchestrator behind them, orchestrating the response to intrusions.

  • A threat is discovered
  • Ports are closed
  • IP Addresses are blocked
  • Data on the threat is enriched and presented in a single interface
  • Trouble tickets are opened, documented, and assigned to technicians in your SOC, as well as any other downstream customer support teams as necessary


What took minutes, and even hours before, now takes place in seconds. The result? Your SOC team spends more time actively defending your network, and less on repetitive tasks and bookkeeping.

Using security orchestration you can leverage existing investments in your enterprise. You don’t need new firewalls to make Security Orchestrator work. You don’t need a specific trouble ticketing system or even a specific change management methodology. Security Orchestrator works with you—by allowing you to use tools you already own, and processes and procedures unique to your enterprise. Security Orchestrator isn’t another tool—it’s the tool box.

Security Orchestration

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