Vulnerability Management

The Power of Vulnerability Knowledge and Control

Vulnerability management is a core part of creating a proactive security program, letting you identify the holes that can be used during an attack and how to seal them up before a breach happens. But vulnerability management is more than just launching scans and finding vulnerabilities; you have to create processes around efficient remediation and ensure that the most critical items are being fixed first. What you do with the data after you get it is more important than simply collecting vulnerabilities.

You want to spend as little time as possible in spreadsheets and scanning interfaces so you can focus on what matters – fixing your vulnerabilities. A vulnerability management tool should make it easy to automate scans and get the right information to the right people – whether a CISO or a database administrator. As you grow your security program, you should also be able to easily feed your vulnerability data into other tools, increasing their intelligence and giving them a map of your vulnerability exposures.


RAPID7 INSIGHTVM (NEXPOSE): Live Vulnerability Management And Endpoint Analytics

Go Beyond Launching Scans and Finding Vulnerabilities

Rapid7’s InsightVM / Nexpose provides a fully scalable, and efficient way to collect your vulnerability data, turn it into answers, and minimize your risk. InsightVM / Nexpose automatically evaluates changes in users’ networks the moment they happen, allowing security professionals to better understand and quickly manage the risk posed to their organization.


InsightVM / Nexpose is the vulnerability management of choice for many organizations because of its strong benefits:
  • Rapid7 Insight Agent: A light weight agent that gives customers visibility all the way to the endpoint while prioritizing only the most important issues based on Rapid7’s high-fidelity RealRisk score.
  • Remediation Workflow: Build custom filters for remediation tasks, automatically assign issues to the right people, integrate with existing ticketing solutions, and monitor to completion.
  • InsightVM Liveboards: Designed to show management teams their most critical risks, and provide the deep intelligence to improve productivity by taking the guesswork out of identifying security trends and priorities.
Gartner MarketScope for Vulnerability Assessment
Rapid7 Nexpose received a “Strong Positive” rating, the highest possible, in Gartner MarketScope for Vulnerability Assessment – 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013


Nexpose’s features and advantages are unsurpassed:
  • Comprehensive Assessment: Predict threats with Nexpose’s accurate vulnerability coverage, including all of your assets – operating systems, networks, databases and web applications
  • Risk Prioritization: Don’t interrupt organization functionality for every possible risk. Filter your vulnerabilities across 145 signal categories to easily prioritize remediation and mitigate risk in your environment
  • Automated Workflow: Automate scheduling and execution of scans and reports based on your specific scan windows and role-based processes. Administer exceptions and policy overrides
  • Clear Mitigation Steps: Send detailed remediation reports to your IT team so they can quickly and easily resolve problems. Use wisely the practical remediation advice
  • Simplified Risk Validation: Nexpose and Metasploit work together to validate identified threats, helping you validate and prioritize what you’ve found to accurately assess likely vectors of attack
  • Compliance: Compare, track and benchmark your internal policies against industry best practices and benchmarks such as FDCC and USGCB and leverage policy frameworks such as SCAP
  • Virtualization Security: Automatically detect the status of your virtual assets with continuous discovery

Vulnerability Management with Rapid7 Nexpose


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